Amrita Singh

Before heading to Amrita Singh, you first review her care plan and profile to remind yourself of what you need to know.

Amrita's plan states that she requires assistance mainly due to her fractured hip, and visits are 2 hours, 3 times per week. You also note that she lives with her son and daughter in law, smiling as you remember the shine in the woman's eyes when she introduced you to her son. That kind of motherly love is truly unmatched. You remember that her grandson had a piano recital the night before, and make a note to ask her about it when you arrive.

You're due at Amrita's at 9am, so at 8:30, you pull out of your driveway. 20 minutes later, you're in front of her son's house. Parking the car, you pull out your phone and check your email, as well as one last look at Amrita's plan for today's visit.

After answering a couple emails, you tuck your phone in your pocket and head up the front steps. You notice, gratefully, that someone has scraped the ice off the walkway. You know Amrita has always prided herself on keeping a tidy and orderly household, but it sometimes slips the mind of your clients, especially with the early morning visits such as this one, when they may not have looked outside yet.

You can see Amrita sitting on the couch with her youngest grandson as you approach the front door. Her smile is soft and genuine as he animatedly shows her his toy truck. Your heart warms at the sight, and you're excited to go in and see her.

You knock on the door, and it opens almost immediately, to Amrita's daughter-in-law's harried face. She welcomes you in, explaining how the morning has gone as you remove your shoes, don a mask, put on your slippers and sanitize your hands. She takes you into the living room, where Amrita is now standing.

The woman looks stressed, pacing the room with her cane. Doing a quick environmental scan, you notice toys strewn around the room.

Do you…