Adapting the Virtual Home-Based Homecare Curriculum 

for pre-licensure health & social care students

What is it?

Created to provide educational content geared towards students based upon the original course, Adapting the Virtual Home-Based Homecare Curriculum for Pre-licensure Health & Social Care Students combines the comprehensive case-based modules with a bonus video-based module on responsive behaviours. This module is downloadable, registration-free, and is one part of this project which aims to fill a necessary gap in learner-based resources on urgently topical subjects in home healthcare. The responsive behaviours module in particular (as well as the facilitator guide) was designed as a supplemental resource to support healthcare providers in identifying and safely responding to their patient's/client's needs in relation to "responsive behaviours." The module features a variety of strategies that healthcare providers may draw upon. It also reinforces the idea of reflective practice in relation to responsive behaviours, through which care providers can continually monitor and make meaning of visual and verbal cues of patients/clients, family care providers, and members of the interprofessional team. It assists learners and supports facilitators in shifting their approach to ensure their words and actions are compassionate and effective, and provides opportunities for reflection within and beyond the module.

To learn more about the Virtual Home-Based Homecare Curriculum (VHHC), visit its course page here. To access the Responsive Behaviours module, click the button below. Once on the page, to download the video, click on the icon at the bottom right.

Meet the Team


This module and its related content are funded by the Government of Ontario and eCampus Ontario.