PSW-Led Vaccine Education for PSWs

a coalition to rebuild trust & support informed choice

What is it?

Currently under development, this project is focused on developing COVID-19 vaccine-related dialogic education opportunities, with a focus on partnering with PSWs. Building on the existing Virtual Home-Based Homecare Curriculum designed for PSWs, the new initiatives will engage in dialogic facilitation training, dialogic education, and learning with and from colleagues, communities, and clients/patients. The project as a whole aims to answer two main research questions:

  • How have COVID-19 vaccine policies impacted trust between PSWs and healthcare institutions?

  • How can future public health and organizational policies be improved by incorporating community values?

The project will answer these questions, while also preparing a cohort of PSW dialogic facilitators and creating customized informational resources through an ongoing dialogic process. It is our belief that dialogue is a path towards trust, and this is a trust we want to cultivate through creating spaces for conversations to safely and productively take place, both now and in the future. A growing evidence base supports dialogic approaches to health education. See Teaching for Transformation for more.

Meet the Team


This project is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada's (PHAC) Immunization Partnership fund.