PSW-Led Vaccine Education for PSWs

a coalition to rebuild trust & support informed choice

What is it?

Currently under development, this project is focused on developing COVID-19 vaccine-related dialogic education opportunities, with a focus on partnering with PSWs. Building on the existing Virtual Home-Based Homecare Curriculum designed for PSWs, the new initiatives will engage in dialogic facilitation training, dialogic education, and learning with and from colleagues, communities, and clients/patients. The project as a whole aims to answer two main research questions:

  • How have COVID-19 vaccine policies impacted trust between PSWs and healthcare institutions?

  • How can future public health and organizational policies be improved by incorporating community values?

The project will answer these questions, while also preparing a cohort of PSW dialogic facilitators and creating customized informational resources through an ongoing dialogic process. It is our belief that dialogue is a path towards trust, and this is a trust we want to cultivate through creating spaces for conversations to safely and productively take place, both now and in the future. A growing evidence base supports dialogic approaches to health education. See Teaching for Transformation for more.

Meet the Team

  • Nicole Woods, PhD (UHN, UofT)
  • Stella Ng, PhD (UHN, UofT)
  • Sandra McKay, PhD (VHA Home Healthcare)
  • Caroline Alabi, MBA (Jodal Healthcare)
  • Kathleen McQueen, MScOT (CBI Healthcare)
  • Ellena Andoniou, PhD (UHN)
  • Gregory Collins, PMP (UHN)
  • Tiyondah Fonte Colman, PhD Candidate (BHA)
  • Yasmin Dini, MD Candidate (UARR)
  • Victoria Boyd, PhD Candidate (UHN, UofT)
  • Patti Leake, MSc (UHN)
  • Sabina Vohra-Miller, MSc (Vohra Miller Foundation)
  • Ramanan Aiyadurai, PMP (WCH)
  • Claudia Barned, PhD (UHN)
  • Maya Goldenberg, PhD (University of Guelph)


This project is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada's (PHAC) Immunization Partnership fund.