Virtual Home-Based Homecare Curriculum

learning in place to support aging in place

What is it?

The Virtual Home-Based Homecare Curriculum, previously known as the CACE Homecare Curriculum, covers the topics of delirium, dementia, and depression in the context of providing at-home care to seniors. With a case and Personal Support Worker for each topic, the course utilizes videos, regular check-ins and small quizzes, as well as a couple sections of reading to help a variety of homecare workers be better prepared to provide collaborative and effective care.

Meet the Team

  • Nicole Woods, PhD (WCH, UofT)
  • Stella Ng, PhD (WCH, SMH, UofT)
  • Ramanan Aiyadurai (WCH)
  • Reza Shaffaf (Busy Ninja Inc.)
  • Sandra McKay, PhD (VHA Home Healthcare)
  • Lindsay Baker, MEd (SMH)
  • Karen Jenkins, RN, MEd (FC)
  • Cathy Evans, PT, PhD (UofT)
  • Corinne Hart, RN, PhD (Ryerson)
  • Karen Gold, MSW, PhD (WCH)
  • Cynthia Whitehead, MD, PhD (WCH, UofT)
  • Paula Rochon, MD (WCH, UofT)
  • Douglas Campbell, MD (SMH, UofT)
  • Jacquelin Forsey, PhD Candidate (UofT, UHN)


This curriculum is funded by a SIM-One Continuing Interprofessional Development grant in partnership with the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care. Additional funding has been provided from the eCampus Virtual Learning Strategy.