Preparing PSWs for the Future

IPAC, Science & Policy, & Well-Being

What is it?

A course built for Personal Support Workers (PSWs), Preparing PSWs for the Future: IPAC, Science & Policy, & Well-Being (formerly known as Future Proofing PSW Practice), is a course which seeks to help PSWs consolidate the skills and knowledge necessary for a solid foundation to manage emerging health crises. It also aims to level out some of the inequities PSWs face compared to other health professions. It contains three modules: "Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC): A Practical Review", "Understanding Health Science & Policy", and "Professional Well-Being", with a quiz at the end of each section to check the learner's understanding. Building off the overarching goal of ensuring better preparedness within the PSW profession, this course has led to the development of a social media advocacy kit, created with and for PSWs, as well as an IPE Elective, also built with and for PSW students. These resources are meant to both prepare those working as PSWs, as well as inform those in other professions on the importance of PSW work. 

Meet the Team


This course, as well as related resources, are funded by the Future Skills Centre.