Head to the bedroom

You tell Amrita you're going to head upstairs, and gesture for her to come with you. She holds your shoulder for support as the two of you slowly make your way up the stairs. Her daughter-in-law mentioned that the room needed cleaning after a difficult night, so that's your next step.

You reach the top floor, heading into the bedroom and doing an environmental scan before Amrita can enter behind you. Not seeing anything that could immediately impede on her safety, you step aside to let her in behind you, and survey the room for the next steps.

Amrita looks startled as she walks in behind you, and you soften a little, smiling reassuringly as you plan your next move. "Let's get this cleaned up, shall we?" You say brightly. "It won't take but a few moments, and you'll be back to a clean space in no time."

With the barest hint of a smile, she shuffles to the side, watching as you bustle around the room, gathering up the soiled sheets and to put in the washing machine, and tidying up anything else you can see. You set down the sheets and grab a fresh pair, making the bed while keeping up a steady stream of cheerful chatter. It seems to help; by the end, Amrita looks relaxed, and the room looks clean once again. Placing the soiled sheets into a bag to take to the washing machine, you offer your arm to Amrita, as you tell her about your next steps together.