PSW Feature

Dwayne Spracklin

Personal Support Worker (PSW) Awareness Month 2023 has officially come to a close. However, even if this dedicated month is over, our pursuit of furthering education & awareness in and around PSW work is not! This work is necessary to continue between the dedicated month of May, and as such, we will continue to engage throughout the year.

In the pursuit of this goal, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dwayne Spracklin, a PSW working at CBI Healthcare, about the work that he does and the things he loves about it. Continue reading to learn more!

What is your favourite part about working as a PSW?

My favourite part of working as a PSW is when a client smiles at me. I know they are appreciative of the care they received and it warms my heart knowing that. Caring for vulnerable people, it's not always seniors, and knowing I'm helping them and their families warms my heart each day that I go to work out in the community.

What is one thing you want people to know about PSW work?

As a PSW I see people at their most vulnerable moments. In these moments it is important not only to make the client feel safe but to have them feel dignified while we help. A way we can do this is by allowing them to participate in their routine.

What do you like to do on your own time, outside of work?

On my own time I enjoy listening to music and getting outdoors. Most of my spare time is spent with my daughter building wonderful memories.

Can you describe a typical day in the life as a PSW?

Typically my day starts by reviewing the list of clients for the day. Then I drive to the first client. When I arrive I gather all required PPE for the visit. I greet each client with a friendly smile and help them with their activities of daily life such as showering, dressing, eating, transferring Etc. When the client is satisfied and ready for the day I move on to the next client to facilitate their needs for that particular day.

What is one thing you hope people will take away from PSW Awareness month?

PSWs do more than technical actions like transferring, or positioning the client. We strive to promote Independence and a safe environment for the client to feel as relaxed as possible during the entirety of the visit.

Is there anything else you'd like to touch on that I haven't asked?

Being a male PSW in a female dominated career has its own challenges. However, it is an opportunity to show that a man can also be gentle, compassionate and caring just to list a few.