Collaborative Advocacy & Partnered Education (CAPE)


CAPE sprung from a partnership created by education scientists Dr. Nicole Woods and Dr. Stella Ng, alongside a large team of collaborators and partners. It all began with the CACE Homecare Curriculum (now renamed the Virtual Home-based Homecare Curriculum), which is a free, online, interactive, and interprofessional curriculum designed with and for home care providers, featuring real Personal Support Workers (PSWs). From there, we have continued to partner and collaborate with PSWs in advocacy and the creation of a multitude of education ventures. We now use this suite of offerings to advocate for diversely inclusive and equitable health care environments, through evidence-informed education. You can access any of our courses for free through the links on each course page, as well as learn more about what they seek to accomplish. Our work, both in advocacy and the creation of curricula, stems from three foundational concepts: critical reflection, co-creation, and cognitive integration. Click on the graphics below to learn more about each one.